Splurge Of The Month

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I love shoes, and, the more dramatic the better! As I get more comfortable stepping out of my fashion comfort zone, the more I love to invest in dramatic, statement piece shoes. I am loving the fact that loafers are making their comeback and this Tory Burch Jezebel Pump shoe does that trend in an unexpected way. The sturdiness of the heel coupled with the rich velvet texture makes this a definite talking point in an outfit. As if that isn’t enough, this shoe has a dragonfly, a symbol of good luck, wrapped around its satin-covered heel. For a retail price of $375, I wouldn’t mind splurging on these to both spice up my outfit and my closet!


Splurge Of The Month

I die for anything Chanel, whether it’s handbags, shoes, make up or accessories. To me, Chanel portrays such class and high fashion that it’s worth the, what some may call, absurdly high prices. All of their pieces are made with such detail and precision that you can never go wrong purchasing anything with the infamous CC’s stamped on it.


When I came across these Chanel Chain Fingerless CC Gloves (they come in a variety of colors), I instantly fell in love with them. I love how Chanel incorporates new trends into their styles and still manages to keep their items looking classic and chic. I could see myself rocking these gloves on a night out on the town, or during the day in NYC, Carrie Bradshaw style.

Chains are a trend that we will be seeing a lot more of going into the Spring, and Chanel will most definitely not be left behind. Keep up the amazing work, Chanel!