Fake Tan

3065I have a very light complexion and when tanning by the pool or beach my skin goes from white to beet red. Because of this, I am forced to fake tan. As much as I love getting a spray tan, spending $50+ every 1-2 weeks starts to get pricey and time consuming. So, unless I have a special event or am going on a vacation, I fake tan right at home. This summer I came across Million Dollar Tan and decided to purchase the Cabana Tan Moisturizing Sunless Tanning Lotion after seeing all the great reviews it received on youtube. What peaked my interest most about this product is that it has the consistency and color of a body lotion, which means no more stained clothes or bedsheets!

Before applying the tanning lotion, I make sure to shower, shave and exfoliate (I learned the importance of exfoliating pre-sunless tanning the hard way). As soon as I come out of the shower, I dry off and apply the product just as I would a body lotion. I usually apply a thin layer and rub into my skin until most of the product is absorbed. I try not to apply too much product on my knees and elbows as those are the areas that tend to get blotchy. After applying the product, I wait about 10 minutes for the lotion to dry before putting on clothing. As with most tanning products, the longer you keep it on without showering, the darker the color gets. Because of this, I usually apply the product at night and rinse it out the following morning. You will start to notice a slight odor (your typical sunless tan product odor) about 2-3 hours after applying the product which will disappear as soon as you rinse off.

I love this product because it gives you a very natural looking tan, as if you just came from a month-long vacation, not Snooki’s house. The color stays on your skin for approximately 3-5 days and, if applied evenly, will wear off just as evenly. I highly recommend this product to those with light to medium skin tones. Happy fake tanning!


Laser Hair Removal

I had been wanting to start the laser hair removal process for a number of years but was nervous about the side effects and high cost. About two years ago I was finally convinced by my co-workers to start the process. I ended up going to two different places for my laser treatments depending on where I found the best deals and reviews. Now that I am done with my treatments, I can comfortably discuss my results and conclusions.

Alma_Harmony_XL_Laser_Machine__37077_zoomI had a few sections of my body, including my thighs, done at an office that used the Alma XL (by Harmony) 810 nanometers (red wave length) machine. I had purchased the recommended six sessions for each of my body parts and made appointments every 6-8 weeks as recommended. The pain with this machine was mostly very low to non-existent and felt like I was getting a warm ultrasound.  After completing all of my sessions, I was not pleased with my results as my hair was growing back just as thick, dark and fast as it was prior to the sessions. After complaining to the salon, they agreed to give me a few complimentary sessions for my thighs to figure out why I was not getting any results. With the complimentary sessions, the specialists increased the power on the machine and went over each section on my thighs multiple times. With this intensity, I finally started seeing some results. Now that I am done with the complimentary sessions, I can say that my results are better than they were before, but not great. This machine was obviously not strong enough for me.

Candela_GentleMax_Laser__11882_zoomI decided to get my lower legs done with the Gentle MAX dual wavelength 755 nm Alexandrite at another location. This machine was painful; so painful that I had the specialist stop every few seconds to give me a break from the pain. It felt like a million rubber bands hitting my skin at the same time. I once again purchased the recommended six sessions for my lower legs and made appointments every 6-8 weeks. After I was done with all the sessions, the reduction in hair growth was noticeable and the results were significantly better than with the other machine. Today, about a year later, I still have to shave my legs but not as frequently as I had to in the past and the hair grows in lighter and thinner than it did before the treatments. I do plan on purchasing additional sessions for my lower legs so that I can get even better results. I believe that this machine is one of the most effective laser machines out there and I definitely recommend it over the previous machine.

If you are interested in getting laser hair removal done, make sure you do plenty of research on both the salon and the machines they use and ask lots of questions!