Nutella Banana Bread

Eating healthy is important to me and something that I always try to do both when cooking at home and when eating at restaurants. But, sometimes I like to bake desserts that are a bit more delicious and a bit less healthy. The minute I found this Nutella Banana Bread recipe on Pinterest, I had to make it immediately as my love for anything with Nutella is undeniable. I swapped out I cup of granulated sugar for 1 cup of ‘Sugar in the Raw’ and made sure to alternate the Nutella batter with the plain banana bread batter. Alternating the batter made my bread look more presentable than the bread shown with the recipe.

This is the picture shown with the recipe


This is a picture of my end result


I made the bread for a pot-luck that I was hosting at my house and it was, without a doubt, a hit. I cannot wait to make it again. For more great recipes, follow me on Pinterest (here).


Curly Hair Please Care

I often get stopped while out and about by people wanting to know what hair product I use and the name of my hairdresser. I have naturally curly hair and am extremely picky and particular about how I like my curls to look and who cuts my hair. I like to use hair products that make my curls look soft and not in the least bit crunchy.

41UFep0QBTL._SY450_One hair product that I swear by is the Alterna Curl Shape Activator. This serum-based product controls frizz and at the same time gives great definition to my curls. Unfortunately, this product is currently discontinued so the websites that do still sell it (like Amazon) hike up the price like crazy. Fortunately for me (and you pretty ladies with curly hair), Hautelook often has insane sales on this product, and when they do, I make sure to stock up.



Another hair product that I occasionally use is the Aveda Be Curly Curl Enhancer. I like to alternate the products that I put in my hair because I feel that it doesn’t let my hair get dull or weighed down. This product is more creamy and absorbs into the hair instantly. It works great on both curly and wavy hair.




Finding the right hair dresser is so important, especially for curly haired people. Not all hair dressers know how to cut our hair. When cutting curly hair, you are supposed to cut the hair on an angle to allow the hair to curl; very different from cutting straight hair. Make sure that when looking for a hair dresser, you pick one that has dealt with curly hair before and knows the different technique that needs to be used on such hair.

Flawlessly Tinted



I cannot say enough great things about Laura Mercier’s Tinted Moisturizer with SPF 20. I started using this product three summers ago and haven’t put it down since. As I do not like to use foundation on a daily basis, I reach for this tinted moisturizer for its light weight formula/feel, its SPF and the perfect amount of light/medium coverage that it offers. It hydrates my skin leaving it feeling and looking healthy with a dewy glow. She also offers the tinted moisturizer in an oil free formula for all of you oily people (here).

I have tried many other tinted moisturizers and all of them leave my face feeling and looking dry. One tinted moisturizer that I was particularly excited to try was the NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer Broad Spectrum. As soon as it came out last winter, I ran to the nearest Sephora store and immediately asked for a sample to try out at home prior to shelling out the money to purchase it. When I tried it on I was very disappointed with the results as it left my face looking dry and not nearly as flawless as with the Laura Mercier.

Moral of the story: Laura Mercier knows her tinted moisturizers. I even got my sister in law hooked on her.

The Necessary Tools

There are so many make-up brushes out there it’s hard to know which are the best. I have tried many brushes and seem to always go back to two lines; the Real Techniques brush set and the Bdellium Tools.

realtechniquestip1The Real Techniques brushes are designed by Samantha Chapman, a make up artist, also known as Pixiwoo ( Samantha and her sister, Nicola Haste, have a blog/youtube channel with amazing make up tutorials). Not only are their brushes easy to work with, but they are also extremely affordable with prices starting as low as $6. After trying many stippling brushes including MAC 187 Duo Fiber Face Brush and Laura Mercier Finishing Brush, I have noticed that the Real Techniques brush shown here allows for your tinted moisturizer to be evenly applied all over your face with just the right amount of coverage for every day use. I cannot express how much I absolutely love this brush.

bdellium toolsAnother brush line that I am currently loving is the Bdellium Tools line. I absolutely love their Precision Kabuki Airbrush Effect 957 brush and use it to put on foundation when I want more coverage. This brush buffs your foundation into your skin making it look amazingly flawless. This, similar to Real Techniques, is a very affordable brush line with prices ranging from $8 – $15 per brush.

Blazin’ In White

I have been looking for the perfect white blazer for about a year now and am proud to say that I have found it. All that looking and searching has paid off thanks to Zara. There are certain items of clothing that I love buying there, and blazers are definitely number one on that list. Their blazer prices are a bit high, but in my opinion, are worth the price as they do last a while.


My new Zara blazer is perfect because it is oversized and long; two things that I am currently loving. I could see myself rocking it with a pair of boyfriend jeans or even a pair of shorts. For a price of $129, I will absolutely get my moneys worth this Spring, Summer and Fall.

Lash Galore

Mascara is something that I put on even if I have no other make-up on that day. I strongly believe that putting on a few coats of mascara completely changes your look. I am always looking for the next best mascara and am always trying out different ones.

ImageMy current #1 mascara is the L’Oreal Telescopic Mascara in Blackest Black. This mascara instantly makes my lashes appear 2x longer. I do not like mascaras that separate my lashes too much and I feel that this mascara doesn’t do that.

ImageMy next favorite mascara at the moment is the Clinique High Impact Mascara in Black. For me, this mascara gives more volume and a bit less length compared to the L’Oreal mascara mentioned above. I have been using this mascara for years and still love it.

ImageI used to be such a hater of the Clinique ‘Bottom Lash’ Mascara because I did not understand why anyone would buy a special mascara just for their bottom lashes until I tried a friend of mine’s and was surprisingly impressed by it. With the tiny wand, you do not get any mascara on your skin (something that we all struggle with) and you can coat those tiny lashes that the bigger wands don’t allow you to coat. And, when your mascara runs out, you can keep the wand and dip it in other mascaras to save money.

Drier Than An Alligator


WjnyDP71BHl34bjYsZF5eWCud2a5458f718ef14f8f8dc5a2536c58fbIt’s winter and to me that means super dry skin everywhere. I have tried tons of different remedies to cure this nightmare but keep going back to the same treatments: DIY Salt Scrub and DIY Face Scrub. The best part about these treatments is that all of the ingredients are found right in your kitchen. I use the salt scrub once a week and the face scrub about once every 2 weeks (or as needed) and see results instantly. I make plenty of both the scrubs and store the remainder of the face scrub in the fridge and the salt scrub in the shower so that I have them redly available to me. Trust me when I say you will love these treatments.

Cetaphil-Moisturizing-Cream_6141101To complete my hydrating procedure, I lather my body with Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream as soon as I come out of the shower and my face with Bobbi Brown Hydrating Face Cream.